The objects we surround ourselves and interact with on a daily basis have a profound impact on us both physically and mentally. These day to day objects often go unnoticed and unappreciated for the subtle yet significant enhancements they make to our existence. They remain incognito within the forms and colours of our busy lives, perform their function then slip out of mind until the next time. These items often remain undervalued due to the mundane nature of the tasks they perform. However, were the items satisfying to interact with and use, would we receive deeper gratification from the action? Would it be possible to make a ceremony out of conventional tasks?  

The purpose of this project was to investigate what it is about small items that catches our eye and compels us to interact with them. Mac has created a series of unique tape measures intended to add a further sense of enjoyment to this task. Using a range of materials, these items represent the various alluring traits, from an enjoyable manual winding action to the satisfying weight of brass. All of the tape measures kept true to a recognisable circular from, and were all turned on lathes. European Oak, African Padauk, Brass.

Photography by Mac Collins

 © Mac Collins 2018